Attempt #1: Cherry Not-So-Pops

What, exactly, does it take to start a business? Frankly, I have no idea. Nor do I know if my off-the-wall idea to start a popsicle business is ill-fated, or absolutely brilliant. I looked into what it would take licensing-wise to get up a mobile food cart, and it was all so confusing that smoke started to come out my ears. Something about how you can only sell frozen treats from a mobile cart if they’re pre-packaged? Can I pre-package mine? Hmmm. This may be my biggest obstacle.

Not that I’m doing so hot so far on the actual popsicles. Despite a running start, thanks to the Sitlers’ gift of a rather adorable popsicle mold, I haven’t yet produced any successful popsicles.

My first attempt–something simple: cherry popsicles. Keep it simple, right? Well, rather than resorting to a recipe (I’m a crazy popsicle maker! I don’t have time for recipes!), I just winged it, and took some cooked-down sour cherries that I’d simmered in sugar, mixed them with some Organic Valley whole milk, strained out the cherries after awhile, and poured the remaining concoction into the molds. So easy! Right?

Well, no. Many hours later I went to try my spunky little icy pops and I came upon two discouraging realities: 1) When I pulled the plastic stick to remove the popsicle from its mold, the stick came out but the popsicle stayed. Doh! 2) They tasted terrible. Way too sweet, and weirdly grainy. Yuck!

Thus, next time I’m using a recipe. And wooden sticks. Stay tuned for my next attempt.