April, 2011

10,000 Artists

Okay, so there won’t actually be 10,000 artists featured in the St. Paul Art Crawl, but I’m kinda hooked on using our name as frequently as possible. Maybe the novelty will wear off? In any case, this post is to inform you that we will be handing out samples of 10,000 Licks ice pops at the St. Paul Art Crawl this weekend– so if you’re curious, or if this rain is making you crave something to “cool you down” (oh April, you cruel month), then stop by Sarah Newberry’s cool loft at the following address:

Carleton Artist Lofts
2285 University Ave W.
Apt # C554

Hurry, before they melt! (Just kidding, they’re in a freezer). See you there!

Watermelon, Lavender, Coffee…Oh My!

It’s on, folks! Sarah Newberry (business partner!) and I have been practicing our pops lately, and this last one was an A-team batch, let me tell you! From left, that’s Watermelon Mint, Lavender Lemonade, Vietnamese Coffee, Strawberry Basil, and in the fuzzy distance there is Avocado Chocolate. Still working on texture issues with a couple of them, but overall… yum!!!!! Stay tuned for updates on where exactly you might be able to get your hands on some of these suckers… (pun kinda intended).