From Potlucks to Pop Luck

Okay, okay, so our Kickstarter campaign is over (complete with happy ending), but the life of 10,000 Licks is only just beginning. And since our fundraising success was a true collaboration between hundreds of backers, it seems only fitting to continue to acknowledge members of that critical mass.

Rae Katherine Eighmey contributed early to the campaign– which was CRUCIAL for morale (mainly my personal morale, but still). This was at a point when we weren’t sure if we’d ever clear $2,000. So! Imagine our jubilation when we saw her name pop up as a backer. Rae is a friend of a friend, and she’s ALSO the author of numerous recipe and food books, Potluck Paradise being my personal favorite. In fact, while Rae did not realize this when she contributed, I actually interviewed her a year back for the radio series MN90: Minnesota History in 90 Seconds, about her book Food Will Win the War.

As for what made Rae want to support a local ice pop venture, I had to investigate further. So, I presented her with some hard-hitting questions. The revealing interview follows. Read more →