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The Tote that Changed the World

You were looking for the right moment to give to our Kickstarter campaign, weren’t you? Well here’s why the perfect day is today.


1) We’re only $84 dollars shy of our halfway point– woohoo!! Don’t you want to be one of the people who helps put us over the hump??? You know you do.


2) And here the real, juicy reason why you should give today: Because today I’m revealing the ridiculously adorable reusable cotton tote bag that you’ll receive for pledging $25.¬†Without further, ado… I introduce, the Land of 10,000 Licks tote bag!


Don't you want me? Then pledge $25!


(Please note: I’ve mocked this baby up in Photoshop… so the real thing will differ slightly from this image)

Go, Ice Pops, Go!

I think I get it now, how parents must feel, sending a kid off to school for the first time. Waving to the bus… a single tear…


Okay, that’s not true. I don’t get that yet at all. But I do feel sentimental, and so excited, today at the prospect of introducing our lovably handcrafted ice pops into the world tomorrow. Four months ago, 10,000 Licks was still just an idea, its execution doubtful, our test pops inedible, and the idea of actually cranking out 160 of these mythical perfect farm-fresh ice pops a strange fiction. And now, after so many hours chopping cantaloupe, countless blueberry stains, nightmares of getting stuck in traffic with ice pops melting in the trunk, we’re ready to have some folks actually try these suckers. How, exactly, did that happen? And why?


When CBS Local interviewed Sarah and me a few days ago (we’ll link to that when it’s live, don’t ya worry), the reporter asked why we’ve stuck with this idea–what’s made us go from scheming to actually maybe-sort-of pulling this off. And while we came up with some thoughtful responses, privately I’m still not sure of the answer. Because it’s been so much fun, I guess. Because it’s been the greatest adventure yet. Because once we had the name for this crazy venture, there was no turning back. Or maybe it was the LLC that made it official? Or the license from the city? Hard to pinpoint when exactly the, uh, birth, took place.


A friend asked me yesterday how I’ll define “success” at the farmers’ market this weekend. I told him I’d be happy if 1) Our pops don’t melt (until they’re being eaten) and 2) We sell out. That would be amazing! But in truth I’d settle for something simpler. Success, in all honesty, is the fact that we’re going to be there at all. It’s the fact that we’ve made something, something we believe in and love (and consume in large quantities) and that we’re going to introduce it to the world. It’s a risk, for sure. And how often do you get the opportunity to take one of those?


Have a great day at school, little pops.

10,000 Artists

Okay, so there won’t actually be 10,000 artists featured in the St. Paul Art Crawl, but I’m kinda hooked on using our name as frequently as possible. Maybe the novelty will wear off? In any case, this post is to inform you that we will be handing out samples of 10,000 Licks ice pops at the St. Paul Art Crawl this weekend– so if you’re curious, or if this rain is making you crave something to “cool you down” (oh April, you cruel month), then stop by Sarah Newberry’s cool loft at the following address:

Carleton Artist Lofts
2285 University Ave W.
Apt # C554

Hurry, before they melt! (Just kidding, they’re in a freezer). See you there!