Pop Share!

Pop Share sign up for 2012 has ended. Thanks for your interest!!!

Introducing the 10,000 Licks 2012 Pop Share!

Here’s how it works:

From June 6-September 5 every other week you will get a licker’s dozen (13) box of ice pops to keep in your home freezer. It will be a mixed box of favorite flavors and new flavors, some fruity, some creamy. Each box will come with an ingredient list for the pops of that week. We can’t take requests for each box as the nature of a farm or pop share is you get what is in season and what is in the kitchen that week. That’s the beauty & fun of it!

Pick up will be on Wednesdays 5-8pm in St. Paul near the Dale/Como/Front intersection, north of Hwy 94 (you will get the exact address when you sign up). You will need to bring something to insulate your pops for the drive home. Our pops melt a bit faster than store bought pops because there are absolutely no preservatives or additives. We have had successful drives of 20-30 minutes on ice in a cooler with no significant meltage. We can refer you to a place to get dry ice near the pick up site if you want to insure your pops stay icy cold on your drive home.

You can choose to have your pops delivered if you live in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or the near suburbs. Email (sarah@10000licks.com) if you’re not sure if you qualify as a ‘near’ suburb. Delivery will be every other Friday June 8-Sept 7. You will need to leave a cooler outside where your pops can be left on dry ice.

Limited quantity available. No date changes possible or requests for delivery if you do not choose that option at check out. If you can’t pick up your pops one week, share the love with family or friends and ask them to pick ‘em up.

Thanks for sharing in the ice pop goodness with us!