The Arc of Pops Is Long

Isn’t it beautiful??? This, my friends, is my “project dashboard” on our Kickstarter campaign, the screen I see when I check in to see how we’re doing in our progress towards our goal of $10,000. You’ll notice a couple different things about this purty little graph. One is that intimidating green line–ah yes, our financial goal– so close, yet so far away…. And YET! Look. At. That. Arc. That is one nice arc!


With 55 backers (!) and nearly 150 Facebook likers, we’re cruisin’ towards halfway, and the line is only going in one direction! Up, up, up!


I’m blown away by the support we’ve received, from friends near and far, and from so many strangers who simply couldn’t resist that popsicle-eating cat in our video. (It is the cat that did it, right?)


Anyway, for those of you who’ve already donated, or who’ve shared our project with friends, thank you so much! And please, keep on talkin’! The arc of pops is long… but it’s upward trending!


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